IDeaS Cornell Revenue Management Scholarship Program. First of its kind scholarship program offering hospitality professionals access to an online certification and professional development opportunity in Revenue Management.

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IDeaS Revenue Solutions - a SAS Company and the Cornell University School of Hotel Administration (SHA) are pleased to offer the IDeaS Cornell Revenue Management and Strategic Leadership Scholarship Programs, which give hospitality professionals access to an online certification and professional development opportunities in Revenue Management and Strategic Leadership Management. 

Scholarship recipients will be awarded paid registration to the Certificate in Advanced Hospitality Revenue Management: Pricing and Demand Strategies and the Certificate in Strategic Leadership for the Hospitality Professional.

The successful completion of the following five online courses leads to a Certificate in Advanced Hospitality Revenue Management: Pricing and Demand Strategies:

This five-course certificate, developed by Professor Chris Anderson, revenue management expert and faculty member at SHA, builds on the fundamental principles of revenue management and provides students with the advanced tools and techniques that guide strategic pricing decisions, set inventory controls, and encourage demand manipulation in a way that not only drives profits but improves overall organizational performance.

The successful completion of the following six online courses (four core courses and one pair of electives) leads to a Certificate in Strategic Leadership for the Hospitality Professional:

and either





This six-course certificate prepares managers to evaluate the competitive environment, create and assess strategic alternatives, and successfully execute a strategy. Participants will learn a proven process that can be used in their own property or firm to develop, implement, and execute a strategic plan that will create change, generate sustainable competitive advantage, and ensure superior ongoing results for their customers and investors.

Certificate in Advanced Hospitality Revenue Management: Pricing and Demand Strategies


Certificate in Strategic Leadership for the Hospitality Professional


Applicant Eligibility

  • Applicant must be employed in a full-time position in the hospitality industry.
  • Applicant's employer must be engaged in the activity of providing lodging services, which include and are limited to hotels, motels, clubs, resorts, casinos, and theme parks.
  • Applicant must submit a completed application electronically or via mail by the stated application deadline.
  • Applicants for the Advanced Hospitality Revenue certificate must be directly responsible for the revenue management function of their respective organizations.
  • Applicants for the Strategic Leadership certificate must be leaders within hotels, including department heads, executive team members, current and aspiring GMs and executive team members, and mid-to-senior-level management at corporate offices with revenue management as part of the scope of responsibility.

Application Deadline (Applications now available)

All applications must be received electronically or by mail by SHA no later than 5:00 p.m. EST on October 16, 2015. Completed applications can be submitted either electronically to or mailed to the address below:

IDeaS Cornell Scholarship Program
Cornell School of Hotel Administration
149 Statler Hall
Ithaca, NY 14853

Certificate in Advanced Hospitality Revenue Management: Pricing and Demand Strategies


Certificate in Strategic Leadership for the Hospitality Professional


Recent Scholarship Recipients

Certificate in Hotel Revenue Management

  • Karmen Ellermaa, Revenue Manager: Hotell Euroopa, Tallinn, Harjumaa
  • Mark Ritson, Reservations Manager: The Commodore & PortsWood Hotels, Cape Town, South Africa
  • Ricardo Castro de Souza, Region Revenue Manager Analyst: Pestana Hotels & Resorts, Sao Paulo, Brazil

Certificate in Advanced Hospitality Revenue Management

  • Christian Strieder, Director, Revenue Account Management: Preferred Hotel Group, Munich, Germany
  • Giulia Francinelli, Revenue and MICE Manager: Lefay Resort and SPA Lago di Garda, Gargnano, Italy
  • Justine Chennaux Jeanneret, Revenue Analyst: Hotel du Louvre, Paris, France

Donn Chongsiriwatana

As a member of a corporate office team that oversees revenue strategy for over 30 properties throughout Asia and the Middle East, earning the e-Cornell Certificate in Advanced Hospitality Revenue Management was a solid fundamentals refresher and a major skills upgrade for me. I gained a lot of confidence in some of the more technical aspects of revenue management, particularly the statistical foundations that drive many of the tools, models, and algorithms that we use. The coursework, especially the interaction with fellow students, raised a lot of good ideas for avenues of analysis and future projects that can deliver greater revenue impact for my company. I look forward to using my newly acquired knowledge to work more closely with our property level revenue and e-distribution teams to enhance revenue and build our company’s revenue culture.

Lim Hwee Wen

Winning the IDeaS Cornell Revenue Management scholarship is a great milestone of credit to me. This is a marvelous stepping stone that shall bring an achievement to a flourishing career path. With the given opportunity to study Revenue Management course which was offered by the scholarship, this has definitely set a new journey to my career's goal and a collective of wisdom that gives me the ability to penetrate further in depth of Revenue Management. The 5 courses are relevant and helpful to apply in my work, I hope to be able to give back with my fullest capabilities and abilities.

Nicola McDougall

Cornell IDeaS Hospitality Revenue Management Scholarship recipient Nicola McDougall says her online coursework in revenue management from the Cornell School of Hotel Administration has given her the confidence to tackle revenue coordination for her three Apex Hotels Ltd. properties in the United Kingdom. “The courses have given me a good baseline to face challenges in my business and be confident that I can make a difference,” she says. Since completing her coursework for her certificate in hotel revenue management, Nicola has completely changed the way she looks at her job and is more professional and knowledgeable. She hopes to continue working at her same hotels and “devising a solid revenue strategy for coming years.” She adds, “What I have learned will stay with me forever.”

Ganesh Rajagopal

Hotelier Ganesh Rajagopal was very excited to learn he was a recipient of the IDeaS Cornell Revenue Management Program Scholarship. “The scholarship provides an exceptional platform for hospitality professionals to expand their learning curve in one of the fundamental segments of the hospitality organization,” said Ganesh. After completing his revenue management certificate this past August, he was promoted to the next level in his hotel in October. “I believe completing the certificate added value to myself, the department and the organization as a whole,” he added. Ganesh notes that his company has strong fundamentals in revenue management practice from the corporate to local properties levels. “Without a doubt having this formal education, particularly from Cornell, speaks volumes in developing my career as well as leveraging the knowledge learned into my daily responsibilities,” he said. Ganesh plans to move to the executive level in revenue management in the near future. “With a strong education, experience and success in revenue management practices, I’ll correlate this integral function to other non-rooms business divisions such as entertainment, food and beverage, etc. I look forward to this journey,” said Ganesh.

Sarah Kulik Blatsiotis

Sarah Kulik Blatsiotis uses the knowledge she gained from the hotel revenue management certificate every day in her work as front office manager for 6 Columbus in New York City. “Cornell has the best program where I could really be engaged and learn as much as possible,” said Sarah, who received an IDeaS Cornell Revenue Management Program Scholarship in October 2010. “I learned beneficial forecasting reports, which I use daily to yield. I simply understand revenue management better and yield higher revenue as a result.” The scholarship allowed Sarah to take the five revenue management courses that make up the certificate program at her convenience and her pace. “The scholarship and program provided a solid foundation on which I can build my knowledge and skills in revenue management. It provided ‘real life’ examples and focused on practice that I use daily. Without this training, I do not feel that I would be as successful as a revenue manager,” she said. Sarah also feels her new ideas and business practices benefit the Thompson Hotel chain as they “gained an employee who uses revenue management practices to generate more revenue for their properties and will in the future bring new ideas and practices to the company.”

Oliver Schwartz

Spring 2011 IDeaS Cornell Revenue Management Program Scholarship recipient Oliver Schwartz feels that the scholarship has already helped him move forward in his career. “I have been transferred from a secondary city to a major gateway city, where revenue practices are even more crucial to the success of the business,” he says. While he was completing his online coursework from his home in England, Oliver felt one of the greatest benefits was the ability to interact with students in other countries and other companies to learn from their experiences and challenges. “The course allowed me to take a step back from day-to-day operations to ask myself why we do the things we currently do and then ask myself if that is the best way?” said Oliver. He hopes that in five years he will have taken his experiences and education and will be in a senior regional or global role within revenue management strategy.

David Jacob

As a member of the sales team at his property, David Jacobs feels completing the Cornell online revenue management certificate has helped him build an even better relationship with the property’s revenue manager as he has gained a deeper understanding of operations and revenue management principles. “It has also provided me with a competitive edge in my efforts to grow my career and advance in this industry,” he said. David aspires to be a Director of Sales or General Manager in a midsize, full-service property within the next five years. David credits the IDeaS Cornell Revenue Management Program Scholarship and IDeaS webinars for building his skill set and increasing his industry knowledge. “It has definitely increased my ‘market value’ as an industry professional,” he notes.

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