Featured Client Success Stories

The Firmdale Story

Optimizing Rates

“Once the IDeaS Revenue Management System went live, our managers were a bit skeptical as its recommendations sometimes conflicted with our traditional pricing strategies and booking decisions. However, significant improvements began to be seen almost immediately, and the software produced such good results that it paid for itself within a few months.”

The Kempinski Story

Improving Operational Results

“Our revenue managers once spent about 90 percent of their time pulling together reports, and logging in and out of our various required hotel systems to achieve the intelligence that IDeaS Revenue Management System offers.”

The Mandarin Oriental Story

Accurate Forecasting

“As market demand continued to change, I needed to be able to communicate the necessary information to the organization in the most concise, efficient way. We chose the IDeaS Revenue Management System because it provided smart, simple technology that allowed me to generate reports and process information quickly and accurately.”

The Fairmont Story

Understanding the Value of Revenue Management

“Life without the IDeaS Revenue Management System would be like navigating the streets of an unknown city with an atlas in hand instead of a GPS. You can do it, but it takes a lot longer and you are more likely to get lost.”


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All Client Success Stories

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