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"The critical factor in utilizing IDeaS was their client-centric philosophy. Their team listened to us and customized a solution that met the unique needs of our business.”

Work with a true partner. Not just a software vendor.

We think of IDeaS Services as the people behind the software - people who understand and genuinely care about the hotel business. Most companies offer their software as-is and are only willing to help for a hefty fee. If that’s what your needs are, of course we can deliver our software and let you run with it. However, we’ve found that most hotels, even the internationally famous ones, do not fall into this camp.

The Services team works under the premise that anyone can offer software. It’s how you implement them that counts. They don’t consider the job done until your software is fully functional and you and your employees feel completely at ease with it.

IDeaS for Success

IDeaS for Success is a project management and client services program that ensures the successful implementation, continuing support and return on investment of IDeaS’ industry leading software.

To ensure thorough, flawless implementation, comprehensive training and employee retention, IDeaS for Success is delivered by three methods: START, COACH and CARE.

Getting Started

IDeaS for Success START takes you through the steps you need to get your IDeaS project started—and more importantly— finished. This program plays a vital role in building a strong partnership from the beginning of your IDeaS relationship, helping to minimize risk and uncertainty.

Project Management

IDeaS’ dedicated Project Management professionals manage your software implementation to ensure clarity of expectations with all stakeholders. Your success criteria is defined, managed and monitored, leaving no part of your project to chance.

Installation Execution

IDeaS’ software are implemented via Software as a Service (SaaS) deployment with very little infrastructure, guaranteeing small upfront costs and easy implementation. There is no new equipment to purchase or maintain and no need to tap your existing IT resources.

Business Adjustment Support

Have you found yourself at the end of your project, just to find that something in your business has changed? IDeaS is always there to provide you with the advice and support you need to maintain your return on investment.

Tapping into Our Expertise

People are the most important part of the IDeaS equation. IDeaS for Success COACH delivers strategic and tactical skills when and how you need them most. Whether you like to learn online at your convenience, as an organization or group, or within a larger gathering of your peers, we can cater a learning approach to your needs.


The IDeaS Learning System is a web-based tool that provides IDeaS clients with a convenient, customizable, on-demand e-learning solution for training and support of IDeaS’ software, upgrades and enhancements. IDeaS Learning System delivers a simple yet powerful framework for training new employees, refreshing the skills of existing team members and tracking progress and enhancing training opportunities.

On-site Training

At IDeaS, we recognize that blended learning is needed for success so in addition to our on-demand IDeaS Learning System, IDeaS offers professional on-site training. IDeaS on-site training provides quality pricing, forecasting and revenue management education from patient instructors with unmatched experience in the field.

Webinar Training

Build your knowledge, learn best practices, and get the most out of your investment with IDeaS’ fee-based product training Webinars. These live, Web-based training sessions, conducted by world-class instructors, will provide you with in-depth guidance on key features and functionalities of IDeaS products. The topics for the training Webinars are determined by feedback we gather from our clients and are designed to equip clients with the expertise they need to be successful. In addition, on-demand training Webinars are available to view at any time for download or local use.

Ensuring Ongoing Success

Successful pricing and revenue management means more than just software. Whether you are struggling with best practices or need advice about what to do regarding a change in your business, IDeaS for Success CARE is there to support you.

Client Relationship Management

Your IDeaS Client Relationship Manager is your champion at IDeaS. Experienced industry professionals, they manage the success of your ongoing partnership with IDeaS Revenue Solutions.

System, Business & Forecasting Support 24x7

IDeaS industry professionals are trained to monitor your technical, business and forecasting inquiries, providing you with the answers you need when you need them.

The IDeaS Community

The IDeaS Community is a web-based portal that provides you with around-the-clock access to vital IDeaS’ software information such as service cases, application news and technical support. It also features IDeaShare and the Resource Center, unique social networking platforms developed to capture and act upon the voice of IDeaS clients.

Supporting Materials

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IDeaS for Success Brochure

Work with a true partner. Not just a software vendor.

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