Software & Services

IDeaS Software

"We learned that decisions on rates and availability should not be based on emotions or gut instinct, but on exact and detailed data and analysis to offer the right product at the right time to the right guests for the right price. Before using IDeaS Software, this was impossible for us to achieve.”

IDeaS Advanced Revenue Management Solutions

"We hired our revenue management team not to perform data entry tasks, but to be intuitive and strategic to drive better revenue for our properties. IDeaS has consistently delivered with an expanding suite of solutions that allow us to make smart forecasting and pricing decisions, from a system that everyone is comfortable using. This capability has had a tangible positive impact on both our profitability and our standing in the marketplace."

“Our team is now also using the IDeaS Mobile RMS app every day to make time-sensitive decisions on the go, and IDeaS Revenue Performance Insights™ has greatly improved our ability to generate visually impactful reports that our senior management can quickly act upon.”

IDeaS Pricing System

“We needed a more sophisticated pricing approach, not a more complicated one – and IDeaS PS gives us a solution to my pricing problems that is easy to use. I never knew that providing our hotels with access to advanced analytics would be so simple to implement and inexpensive to us all.”

IDeaS Forecasting Management System

“IDeaS Forecasting Management System allows our hotel to begin realizing the benefits of an automated system prior to committing to a full deployment. This solution is the perfect first step into the larger revenue management investment."

IDeaS Function Space Revenue Management

"It has taken the industry a long time to tackle Revenue Management in the Meetings & Events space – with IDeaS confronting the issues head on, we’re looking forward to being able to drive optimal performance from our hotels."

IDeaS Revenue Performance Insights

“Hoteliers must be able to see—at a strategic level—where the areas of growth and decline live. IDeaS Revenue Performance Insights™ quickly makes sense of mass quantities of data by producing visuals that immediately grab your attention. Now that’s a game changer for any property executive who needs to fully understand the overall performance of their hotel at a moment’s notice.”

IDeaS Car Park Revenue Management System

“By taking the lead in developing a “best possible” revenue management program for our car parks, we were able to identify new opportunities for revenue enhancement, outperform our competitors and improve over-all business performance."

IDeaS Reputation Pricing

The influence of online reputation is only going to continue to grow. This is the first time revenue managers are incorporating our guests’ perception our hotels and our pricing against the competitors.