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IDeaS Pricing System

“We needed a more sophisticated pricing approach, not a more complicated one – and IDeaS PS gives us a solution to my pricing problems that is easy to use. I never knew that providing our hotels with access to advanced analytics would be so simple to implement and inexpensive to us all.”

As major hotel brands raise the bar by deploying simplified revenue management tools for their limited-service properties, other brands and ownership groups of similar properties are finding it tough to compete.

If there is one thing a property can do to impact the bottom line, it is to improve pricing and make sure rates are distributed. Global brands have raised the bar in the limited service segment by offering easy-to-use tools to help franchisees tackle pricing at the property level. Hotel chains, groups, and independent properties without access to these proprietary tools now have a way to compete with IDeaS Pricing System™ (PS). Simply put, IDeaS PS enables busy hotel managers to set the best available rates, easily push them into distribution channels and then provide dependable forecasts and reports.

IDeaS Pricing System™

IDeaS PS enables hotel managers to more accurately forecast occupancy, quickly set daily room rates, and ultimately make more competitive pricing decisions for their hotels. The system’s simplified approach, intuitive design and powerful functionality minimizes the amount of training and interaction needed to learn and operate the system. In just a few clicks, users can upload pricing decisions to all necessary distribution channels.

  • An immediate revenue lift due to the system’s advanced analytics and increased market insight.
  • Usable by busy general managers - The system enables GMs or other hotel staff to make efficient revenue management decisions without interrupting regular responsibilities.
  • Increased time and energy for enhancing guest satisfaction through reduced time and energy spent manually collecting, entering and analyzing market data.
  • High impact initiative - IDeaS’ proven analytics, award-winning client support, rapid implementation through SaaS delivery and minimal upfront costs delivers high value and little risk.
  • Enhanced brand value proposition - Limited-service brands can offer simplified pricing capability to current and prospective hotel owners.

Features and Functionalities

Ease of Use

A simplified revenue management workflow leads users through an intuitive interface where information is easily accessible and is used to support sound pricing decisions. Understanding how to effectively interact with IDeaS Pricing System is clearly defined by use of “on-the-job training” and “eLearning gaming”.

Overview of IDeaS Pricing System

Training and Support – Integrated and Live System Training


Data Insights

Leverage the power of your data. By providing users with quick access to the key data points directly from the “@ a Glance” screen, you can spend less time on tactical activities and more time working on strategic initiatives that are data-driven.

KPI’s – Easily Assess Hotel’s Performance

Reporting from the @ A Glance screen

Deeper Dive Reporting



There are a variety of opportunities to personalize IDeaS PS to meet your needs and that of your organization. From modifying graphical representations to defining Market Segment Groups to mirror “your” terminology, IDeaS PS gives you the flexibility to fine tune the solution for you.


Charter Client Program

The Charter Client Program at IDeaS is designed to provide benefits for both potential users and IDeaS as we partner together to develop a solution that meets your needs. For more information, please contact us.

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