Success Stories

Anantara Hotels, Resorts & Spas

Optimizing Rates : Anantara Hotels, Resorts & Spas

“Revenue management is about the right price at the right time, which made working with a strong solutions provider like IDeaS a logical decision. As we work with IDeaS we know that they will evolve with our business, adapt quickly to changes in our business and deliver meaningful innovations to help us maximise revenues into the future,” said Mr Bailey.

Loews Hotels and Resorts

Optimizing Rates : Loews Hotels and Resorts

“A year after renovation, the Coronado Bay Resort has been getting phenomenal results. The IDeaS RMS has enabled us to price more competitively, yield out the non-profitable business mix and make more strategic decisions about groups… The gains are enormous.”

The Meritage Resort and Spa

Optimizing Rates : The Meritage Resort and Spa

“IDeaS is like having a team of revenue managers—all with their eye on the target, 100 percent of the time. The result is much higher RevPAR and ADR and a system that easily pays for itself within the first few months of implementation.”

Park Plaza Hotels & Resorts and art’otel

Optimizing Rates : Park Plaza Hotels & Resorts and art’otel

“Our strategy means we perform well in terms of both occupancy and revenue and we feel we have seen a return in our investment in IDeaS RMS already. We know that we want to use IDeaS RMS and IDeaS NHSSP for the further five properties we have in the pipeline, and although each hotel will be in a new city – with unique new challenges – we are hopeful that IDeaS will help us navigate the competition.” Łukasz Piekarski, Hotel Director at Puro Wroclaw.


Optimizing Rates : Travelodge

"Centralized revenue management allows Travelodge to maximize revenues whilst ensuring its customers receive the best value within the market place."

The Umstead Hotel and Spa

Optimizing Rates : The Umstead Hotel and Spa

“Our revenue management and sales departments have successfully used IDeaS for revenue optimization for the past four years. IDeaS helped our luxury property ‘weather the storm’ during the recession and has since strategically moved us towards a more vibrant RevPAR growth. Its success is proven…IDeaS is a partner you can rely on with confidence.”

Preferred Hotel Group

Improving Operational Results : Preferred Hotel Group

“One year later, I can definitively say that the IDeaS RMS exceeds our automation needs for revenue management efficiency,” said Christopher Lynn, Director of Sales and Marketing, The Colonnade Hotel. “Manual yield management is the equivalent of using a flip phone to stay connected or driving a Fiat at the Rolex 24 in Daytona. I’d rather accelerate our path to profitability in a Porsche 962, and IDeaS allows us to do just that.”

Bluesun Hotels and Resorts

Improving Operational Results : Bluesun Hotels and Resorts

“We have been able to make accurate pricing decisions and, under the tutelage of the IDeaS Consulting team, set up an optimal pricing structure for our direct business market segment.”

Hamilton Island

Understanding the Value of Revenue Management : Hamilton Island

“We realized we needed to employ an intelligent revenue management system with advanced analytics to improve on our existing revenue management practices."


Optimizing Rates : Scandic

“We wanted all of our properties to benefit from the best, market- leading, technology, and were confident that in the long run the IDeaS RMS would deliver a greater return on investment.”

The Vineyard Hotel Group

Understanding the Value of Revenue Management : The Vineyard Hotel Group

“The project has refined our revenue management processes, and has helped us optimize revenue by further leveraging our existing IDeaS RMS. It was a highly worthwhile investment, benefiting all of us in the group, and I would thoroughly recommend it.”

The Ritz London

Optimizing Rates : The Ritz London

“As a privately owned and operated hotel, we depend on quality vendors to assist us in maintaining our position as a prime hotel in London. We have an on-going relationship with IDeaS that is based on using their reliable solutions – which always yield results.”

Protea Hotels

Understanding the Value of Revenue Management : Protea Hotels

“The changes to our revenue management practices are very much permanent. IDeaS has helped us establish standard processes and enabled us to continue to develop and certify our people …which will enhance our company-wide revenue management performance culture.”

prizeotel Bremen-City

Optimizing Rates : prizeotel Bremen-City

We are the hotel with the best rates in our market segment in Bremen – not only occupancy rates, but also our Average Daily Rate (ADR). By using the IDeaS RMS, we have become more profitable. From 2010 to 2011, we were able to increase our ADR by 5 per cent – a great result.”


Improving Operational Results : Gastwerk

“Overhauling revenue management across our business was exciting, but it was also an intense project that required commitment and concentration. Apart from being very satisfied with the genuine commitment to our business shown by IDeaS, as a result, we are now also able to expertly employ advanced revenue management techniques and processes, delivering recognizable business benefits.”

Austria Trend Hotels & Resorts

Accurate Forecasting : Austria Trend Hotels & Resorts

“Without the IDeaS Revenue Management System (RMS) and the IDeaS New Hotels Service Success Package (NHSSP), it would take more work, and thus more resources, to achieve even a fraction of the system’s results. With IDeaS, once hotels open they will have more time to fully focus on the guests and provide the best customer service, which at the end of the day, is what a successful hotel is about.”

Viceroy Hotel Group

Optimizing Rates : Viceroy Hotel Group

“The IDeaS RMS helped us move from revenue management to meaningful revenue management… While we’d love to have high-quality, seasoned revenue managers at each hotel, this isn’t always practical financially or geographically. The IDeaS RMS enhanced our ability to conduct effective cluster revenue management by alerting us to trends we either couldn’t drill down to manually or didn’t have the time to identify.”

Sonesta International Hotels Corporation

Optimizing Rates : Sonesta International Hotels Corporation

“Although I can’t give all the credit to the IDeaS RMS, we’ve experienced a RevPAR growth of seven to nine percent in the recent year at all of our hotels. While there are multiple factors in play, I believe the functionality IDeaS provides us has been valuable in helping us manage the revenue process… It’s a great system, and I’d encourage new users to think outside the box while using it.”

Coastal Hotel Group

Optimizing Rates : Coastal Hotel Group

“IDeaS has probably cut my daily workload in half… I used to run about 15 reports to get all the data that IDeaS provides me every morning… Although the software is an investment, it paid for itself at our hotel group within 60 days.”

The Grand Hotel Minneapolis

Improving Operational Results : The Grand Hotel Minneapolis

“IDeaS gives us unparalleled insight into essential market data, particularly with respect to daily and weekly pricing decisions as they pertain to our competitive set of hotels… We’re ahead of the game because we don’t have to manually shop competitors’ prices and then determine how to price our services. Instead, we can focus on analyzing the information the system provides and either validating it or making an adjustment.”

Peabody Hotel Group

Accurate Forecasting : Peabody Hotel Group

“Almost immediately after installing the software, our manual labor decreased while our forecast accuracy increased... With the IDeaS RMS, it’s much easier to collect and analyze mass amounts of data, allowing us to make better, more strategic decisions for the hotel.”

Sun International

Optimizing Rates : Sun International

“We are receiving a positive return on the system. the IDeaS RMS is really vetted to make us more efficient and more effective as we spend significantly less time on manual interventions and subsequently more time making effective decisions...”

Lindner Hotels and Resorts

Improving Operational Results : Lindner Hotels and Resorts

“The most interesting outcome that we experienced was the mental shift in our staff, at each individual hotel, to incorporate the system into their daily routines... The concerns our teams may have had were all managed proactively through the thorough initial training and follow-up sessions... The biggest sign of success is that no one wants to go back to the old system!”

The Sokos Hotels Story

Optimizing Rates : The Sokos Hotels Story

"The Flamingo has seen a 13.7% increase in Occupancy and 11.3% increase in RevPAR, while the rest of the market has only shown a marginal RevPAR increase of 4.5%."

The Firmdale Story

Optimizing Rates : The Firmdale Story

“Once the IDeaS Revenue Management System went live, our managers were a bit skeptical as its recommendations sometimes conflicted with our traditional pricing strategies and booking decisions. However, significant improvements began to be seen almost immediately, and the software produced such good results that it paid for itself within a few months.”

The Kempinski Story

Improving Operational Results : The Kempinski Story

“Our revenue managers once spent about 90 percent of their time pulling together reports, and logging in and out of our various required hotel systems to achieve the intelligence that IDeaS Revenue Management System offers.”

The Mandarin Oriental Story

Accurate Forecasting : The Mandarin Oriental Story

“As market demand continued to change, I needed to be able to communicate the necessary information to the organization in the most concise, efficient way. We chose the IDeaS Revenue Management System because it provided smart, simple technology that allowed me to generate reports and process information quickly and accurately.”

The Fairmont Story

Understanding the Value of Revenue Management : The Fairmont Story

“Life without the IDeaS Revenue Management System would be like navigating the streets of an unknown city with an atlas in hand instead of a GPS. You can do it, but it takes a lot longer and you are more likely to get lost.”