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IDeaS Webinar Series

It’s an exciting time for the hospitality industry. After a lengthy period of economic uncertainty, demand is rebounding at a higher rate than expected, and the future looks promising. In order to keep up with today’s fast-moving and rapidly evolving nature of business, hotel revenue managers need to be customer-focused, marketing-minded and technology-savvy individuals. The single biggest challenge facing hotel revenue managers in 2012 is setting the right price at the right time, and amid a flurry of flash sales, mobile marketing schemes and competitors that consistently undercut their prices, it’s tough to anticipate and capitalize upon consumer behavior. To help revenue managers identify the right pricing strategies and navigate through today’s fast-paced, interconnected environment, IDeaS Revenue Solutions offers the “How Revenue Managers Can Price to Profit” webinar series.

On-Demand Webinars in the Series

  • Why Your Hotel Needs Revenue Management

    Hoteliers who rigorously apply revenue management (RM) principles and practices to their operations typically enjoy a wide range of benefits, the most compelling of which is an uplift in revenue. However, for hotels of any size and market, it can be challenging to look at the demand cycle and start implementing RM strategies and tactics that influence demand and drive revenue.

    This complimentary 45 minute On-Demand Webinar will shed valuable insight on the basic principles of revenue management and how to use it to create a RM culture that speaks to your objectives and hotel.

  • Know Your Customers, Keep Your Customers - Leveraging Customer Intelligence to Drive Profits

    In today’s competitive landscape, every hotel manager knows that providing just a little better service than the competi¬tion is key to shifting more of guests’ total spend in their direction. Yet it can be challenging to know what services mat¬ter to which guests, how to best reach those guests, and how to identify opportunities that attract new guests. Through increased customer intelligence—closely tracking guest interactions and preferences and using that information to predict future behaviors—hotels can more easily identify cross-sell and up-sell opportunities, find new customers and increase profits.

    This complimentary On-Demand Webinar will show you how to leverage current trends in hospitality marketing and development, as well as customer behavior data, to gain a competitive advantage in a world that is increasingly focused on the individual.

  • Are Your Pricing Strategies Becoming Obsolete? Why Revenue Managers Must Adopt Demand-Based, Dynamic Pricing

    Amid today’s knowledgeable consumers and high-speed technology, most revenue managers are finding that traditional static or fixed pricing falls short of capturing revenue. To maximize revenues revenue managers at hotels, casinos and other organizations must maintain a pulse on the marketplace and continually adjust their rates according to real-time supply and demand conditions. The challenge then becomes how to determine the right price for a given period.

    To learn how to take advantage of market fluctuations and charge prices that correspond with what consumers are willing to pay, download this 45 minute complimentary On-Demand Webinar.

  • Rates & Reviews: Why Revenue Managers Should Care About Social Media

    Is social media really just a marketing function? Anecdotal evidence in hospitality and travel suggests that positive user generated content (UGC) encourages bookings.  However, the popularity of OTAs, flash sales and daily deals suggests that deal-seeking consumers are highly motivated by price.  In order to build effective pricing and competitive positioning strategies revenue managers need to understand the relationship between price and user generated content. 

    Download this 45 minute complimentary On-Demand Webinar and learn how to maximize the relationship between social media reviews and ratings for your hotel.

  • Building a Pricing Structure for Your Hotel

    In times of economic uncertainties and unexpected upswings (as well as downswings), it is important to ensure that your hotel is prepared to dynamically react to an ever changing market.

    Is your hotel at a stage where your pricing structure allows you to move in line with market demand without damaging other segments or even creating possible cannibalization? Or do you have a three tier system of high, medium, and low and wonder what else is out there?

  • The Future of Pricing - Is Your Hotel Ready?

    Pricing strategy is changing rapidly in the hospitality industry. The way hotels are pricing their products and services today is shifting due to the introduction of science and the sophistication of travelers and groups. Anticipating what has to change in the way you approach pricing is important.

    This 30-minute On-Demand Webinar will discuss the way many hotels price today and where pricing is evolving so you can be prepare your hotel for the change.

  • Should You Follow or Lead? Pricing for Your Hotel in a Competitive Marketplace

    One of the most significant, profit-impacting decisions hotels currently face is very simple: successful pricing. While it seems like an easy decision, it is also inherently complex and not without its risks.

    This 30 minute On-Demand Webinar will discuss the relationship between revenue management and dynamic pricing for your hotel.