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IDeaS Forecasting Management System

“IDeaS Forecasting Management System allows our hotel to begin realizing the benefits of an automated system prior to committing to a full deployment. This solution is the perfect first step into the larger revenue management investment."

If manual forecasts are causing a lack of clarity for your hotel, or you’re struggling to gain an accurate view of your data, you might consider IDeaS Forecast Management System.

IDeaS Forecasting Management System is specifically designed to provide hoteliers with a clear vision to their data, bringing accuracy and consistency to the forecasting and reporting process. Using proven forecasting methodology, we incorporate uncertainty and specialized algorithms that allow for automated updating of forecast patterns based on recent trends through pattern recognition technologies.

The IDeaS Forecasting Management System

The IDeaS Forecasting Management System is a cost-effective tool that provides hoteliers clear insight into anticipatory data. This enables a more accurate and consistent forecasting and reporting process which can lead to increased revenues. The IDeaS Forecasting Management System is ideal for hotels that are considering automating revenue management processes but are not ready to commit to a fully automated system.

  • Accurately and consistently forecast business demands
  • Access forecasts and data remotely 24/7
  • Upgrade to IDeaS Revenue Management System at any time
  • Easily accessible reports can be saved, scheduled and e-mailed to specified recipients
  • IDeaS' industry proven forecasting incorporates recent trends, special events and past data
  • Access updated forecasts on-demand

Full features and benefits of the IDeaS Forecasting Management System

Features and Functionalities

Combining the strength of IDeaS software-as-a-service solutions with our commitment to innovation, client services and partnerships, we bring over 20 years of expertise in the industry to each hotel's unique operating environment.

  • Analytics – Backed by SAS, the finest analytics firm in the world, our software gives you the freedom to move from reactive to proactive decisions
  • Reporting – Get answers to more sophisticated questions, format presentation-quality results and easily share findings across your enterprise
  • Intuitive User Interface - IDeaS Forecasting Management System offers an array of user-friendly design elements for unmatched ease of use
  • Management Reports - Allows you to analyze bookings-to-date, day-of-week patterns or group placement, providing business trends and exceptions, forecast and booking paces 
  • Custom Reports - Client-driven, highly specialized reports delivered directly through the IDeaS Forecasting Management System application interface
  • Alerts  - User-defined warnings that monitor occupancy and note future days where forecasted occupancy is different than expected
  • Software as a Service - IDeaS Forecasting Management System is offered via SaaS deployment, guaranteeing small upfront costs and easy implementation

In-depth look at the IDeaS Forecasting Management System features and functionalities

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