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IDeaS complimentary Webinars bring valuable industry insight right to your desktop. Find expert guidance, best practices and new research on pricing and revenue management for the hospitality and travel industries.

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It’s an exciting time for the hospitality industry. After a lengthy period of economic uncertainty, demand is rebounding at a higher rate than expected, and the future looks promising. In order to keep up with today’s fast-moving and rapidly evolving nature of business, hotel revenue managers need to be customer-focused, marketing-minded and technology-savvy individuals. The single biggest challenge facing hotel revenue managers in 2012 is setting the right price at the right time, and amid a flurry of flash sales, mobile marketing schemes and competitors that consistently undercut their prices, it’s tough to anticipate and capitalize upon consumer behavior. To help revenue managers identify the right pricing strategies and navigate through today’s fast-paced, interconnected environment, IDeaS Revenue Solutions offers the “How Revenue Managers Can Price to Profit” webinar series.

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