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IDeaS Revenue Management System

"Yielding 365 days ahead and having a sense of the booking pace and consumer behavior is something no human can accomplish multiple times a day. We hire our revenue management team not to perform data entry tasks, but to be intuitive and strategic. Revenue management teams can also access their key performance metrics via smartphone or tablet, to make critical decisions on the go. Learn more about the IDeaS Mobile RMS app. Also be sure to check out IDeaS Revenue Performance Insights to further extend the power of IDeaS RMS."

Optimized revenue and profits are generated when hotels can understand, anticipate and capitalize on consumer behavior.

IDeaS Revenue Management System is a breakthrough for hospitality organizations looking to make an immediate impact on their company's bottom line. Having established itself at the forefront of hotel revenue management software, IDeaS is relentless about finding ways to provide hoteliers sharper, faster, more insightful ways of looking at their data. If knowledge is power, at its core IDeaS Revenue Management System is about giving its clients more control over their destiny.

Revenue management teams can also access their key performance metrics via smartphone or tablet,to make critical decisions on the go. Learn more about the IDeaS Mobile RMS app.

The IDeaS Revenue Management System

With the most reliable, up-to-date information at your fingertips, simple keystrokes allow you to book the right guest at the right time at the right rate. This is what leads to steadily increasing revenue.

Of course, this assumes you’re working with IDeaS Revenue Management System: software that’s based on more than double and often triple the data points of what other software is capable of collecting. (It also helps when your software is backed by SAS, known in the industry as the finest analytics firm in the world.) We have reached a point in the industry where whoever most skillfully executes revenue management strategy wins. This is one of the reasons we have three times the amount of clients than our closest competitor. And why when we set a price, it’s a price that attracts the most attention.

  • Efficiently and quickly distribute your hotel’s availability
  • Optimize demand and increase revenue accessing all your properties, anytime
  • Assess your hotel’s performance on a daily, weekly, monthly, and annual basis
  • Make strategic decisions with a clear view of your competitors’ positions
  • Determine correct pricing for your hotel
  • Accurately forecast business demands

Full features and benefits of the IDeaS Revenue Management System

Features and Functionalities

Combining the strength of IDeaS software-as-a-service solutions with our commitment to innovation, client services and partnerships, we bring over 20 years of expertise in the industry to each hotel's unique operating environment.

  • Analytics – Backed by SAS, the finest analytics firm in the world, our software gives you the freedom to move from reactive to proactive decisions
  • Reporting – Get answers to more sophisticated questions, format presentation-quality results and easily share findings across your enterprise
  • Intuitive User Interface - IDeaS Revenue Management System offers an array of user-friendly design elements for unmatched ease of use
  • Management Reports - Allows you to analyze bookings-to-date, day-of-week patterns or group placement, providing business trends and exceptions, booking paces and marketing activities results as well as the impact of revenue optimization practices on RevPAR
  • Custom Reports - Client-driven, highly specialized reports delivered directly through the IDeaS Revenue Management System application interface
  • Alerts  - User-defined warnings that monitor occupancy and note future days where forecasted occupancy is different than expected
  • Software as a Service - IDeaS Revenue Management System is offered via SaaS deployment, guaranteeing small upfront costs and easy implementation

In-depth look at the IDeaS Revenue Management System functionalities

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