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IDeaS Advanced Revenue Management Solutions

"We hired our revenue management team not to perform data entry tasks, but to be intuitive and strategic to drive better revenue for our properties. IDeaS has consistently delivered with an expanding suite of solutions that allow us to make smart forecasting and pricing decisions, from a system that everyone is comfortable using. This capability has had a tangible positive impact on both our profitability and our standing in the marketplace."

“Our team is now also using the IDeaS Mobile RMS app every day to make time-sensitive decisions on the go, and IDeaS Revenue Performance Insights™ has greatly improved our ability to generate visually impactful reports that our senior management can quickly act upon.”

Pioneering an industry. Perfecting the science. Forming long-term partnerships that drive innovation to meet real-world client needs in an ever-changing industry. All of this takes time.

Only IDeaS is capable of applying 25 years of experience, expertise and client dedication toward an expanding suite of automated revenue management solutions, such as our newest member, IDeaS G3 Revenue Management System (G3 RMS) and our new IDeaS Reputation Pricing module in our flagship Revenue Management System. These solutions reflect both evolution and revolution, as we continue innovating to provide increasingly powerful but user-friendly price optimization capabilities that immediately improve bottom-line performance.

Optimized revenue and profits are generated when hotels can understand, anticipate and capitalize on consumer behavior.

Having established ourselves at the forefront of hotel revenue management software, we are relentless about finding ways to provide hoteliers sharper, faster, more insightful ways of looking at their data. If knowledge is power, then IDeaS Advanced Revenue Management Solutions give clients more control over their destiny.

IDeaS Revenue Management Systems

With the most detailed, reliable and up-to-date information at your fingertips, simple keystrokes will allow you to book the right guest at the right time at the right rate. This is what leads to steadily increasing revenue.

Of course, this assumes you’re working with IDeaS Revenue Management System (RMS): a best-in-class solution based on double and often triple the data points of what other software collects. Why so much data? Because only our system is powered by our parent company, SAS, the finest analytics firm in the world.

IDeaS RMS delivers the most scientifically advanced automated revenue management solution available. You’ll have the power to forecast, control inventory, price and report with absolute accuracy and tremendous granularity, driving better revenue for your hospitality organization.

  • Quickly and efficiently distribute availability
  • Determine the correct pricing all properties at all times
  • Accurately forecast and optimize demand using your transaction data
  • Make decisions with a clear view of competitors’ positions
  • Assess property performance on a daily, weekly, monthly, and annual basis
  • Deliver maximum revenue impact by room class and length of stay
  • Easily and uniformly deploy a single, user-friendly RMS across any number of properties
  • Get the most from your IDeaS investments with comprehensive service and support

Read more about the full functionality of IDeaS RMS.

Features and Functionalities

IDeaS Revenue Management System (RMS) allows you to focus on strategic revenue management in order to drive better revenue. Only IDeaS provides the total solution that delivers sophistication, ease-of-use and comprehensive support in a single, economical software-as-a-service package.

Revolutionary Analytics

Powered by SAS, the finest analytics firm in the world, IDeaS RMS features a “best-fit” modeling approach that selects from over 100 proprietary analytical models to produce forecasts quickly, frequently and in great detail.

Advanced price sensitivity modeling leverages both historical and future competitive pricing data to drive incremental revenue, and you can run powerful “What-if” scenarios to test the implications of a potential decision before you act upon it.

Impactful Reporting

IDeaS RMS makes it easy share findings across your enterprise with presentation-quality reporting. Significant data granularity allows you to monitor data by elements such as market segment, room type, room class, channels, source of business and nationality.

To further extend the reporting power of IDeaS RMS, IDeaS Revenue Performance Insights™ leverages SAS® visual analytics to generate visually impactful reports for management-level staff.

Efficient, Consistent Monitoring

The system is as user-friendly as it is advanced. Utilizing the Property Group functionality you can easily setup a group properties based on their authorizations. This time-saving feature allows you to efficiently monitor several properties simultaneously.

Easy to Learn and Use

An Information Manager, heat map calendars, interactive dashboards and scheduled reports keep critical data front and center, while intuitive workflows with just-in-time learning equip revenue managers at all experience levels to take action. User-defined warnings also monitor occupancy and note future days for which forecasted occupancy is different than expected.

In-depth look at the IDeaS Revenue Management System features.

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